Sorby Sweets Cake Class

Photo Cred: Virginia Ashley Photography 

Photo Cred: Virginia Ashley Photography 


A week and a half ago, I reached one of my major business goals of 2017 and hosted my first ever cake class! A small group of fantastic ladies, myself and my unofficial Sorby Sweets tribe gathered together to learn birthday cake decorating basics and had an absolute BLAST!   

Sign by Caler Calligraphy 

Sign by Caler Calligraphy 


My goal when I originally decided that cake classes were something that I wanted to do was to provide a fun activity regardless of experience level. So I chose to teach birthday cake basics with hopes that those techniques could potentially be used in the future! Each attendee was given all of the supplies to create their own cake including cakes, buttercream and tools and we created our cakes together.


After a quick intro and a few Q and A's, we were off! We learned techniques like torting and crumb coating a cake, achieving smooth buttercream, and piping a border.


You may not know this, but I went to college with plans to become a teacher! My Associates Degree is in education, and I was a substitute teacher for a while as well. I realized during my senior year that being a schoolteacher wasn't for me, and graduated with a history degree but no plan for how I was going to use it. Being able to pour my knowledge into others definitely rekindled a fire in me. 


I truly could not have asked for a better group of ladies to join us that day! As the class wrapped up my heart was so full that it almost burst. Cake class is my new favorite passtime and I hope that everyone gets to join us over the next few months! 


Dates have been confirmed for FOUR more classes between January and April 2018 and specifics about times and ticket sales will be announced soon!  


Perhaps my favorite part was seeing how each person's personality shone through in their cake. Even though we were all following the same steps, each attendee really make their creation unique.